In our business, change is a constant. But some things should not change at all.

When EarthLink was founded, the Internet was the province of a select few in academia, science and government. Today, it's as ubiquitous as home phone service once was. And the things we all use it for every day seem to get better, faster and more valuable, all the time.

One thing hasn't changed is our commitment to being the best at what we do. And to being the best partner anyone could choose to help them leverage the power of the net.

The same thing can be said for the values that drive us as a company, and as individual members of the EarthLink team, which have remained true since our founders first jotted them down in the earliest days of our existence.

EarthLink's Corporate Values


We act with integrity, live up to all our commitments, and treat company resources like they are our own.


We work with energy, love to compete, celebrate wins, and take pride in a job well done.


We display unity, treat each other with respect and never forget that all of us are smarter than any one of us.


We have the courage to give our best and hold ourselves accountable for results. We make commitments with thought and care, and constantly ask "Is there a better way?"


We act with a sense of urgency to deliver products and services that have a real impact and drive our customers' success.