The following Network Management Policy is in place for the EarthLink Business operating companies1, which include: New Edge Network, Inc., DeltaCom, Inc., Business Telecom, Inc., the One Communications companies and STS Telecom, LLC. This policy is applicable to EarthLink Business' broadband Internet Access services for small business customers and for customers connected to the Internet via the Broadband Technology and Opportunities Program funded portion of the network.

EarthLink Business recognizes that limited, reasonable network management practices are necessary for EarthLink Business to provide broadband Internet Access customers with award winning high speed Internet access. EarthLink Business uses a variety of tools and methods in managing its network to respond to network congestion, and to address security concerns. Utilizing industry standard network management practices help us protect the EarthLink Business network and our customers from harmful online activity (like spamming, viruses and phishing) and help ensure compliance with our Service Agreements and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). EarthLink Business' Service Agreements and AUP are available here.

EarthLink Business adheres to the non-discrimination and interconnection requirements as set forth in the FCC's Internet Policy Statement2 and the FCC's Preserving the Open Internet Rules3. EarthLink Business is committed to encouraging broadband deployment and preserving and promoting the open and interconnected nature of the public Internet, and supports the threshold principle that consumers are entitled to access the lawful Internet content of their choice. Continuous evaluation of the effectiveness of our network management practices enhances our ability to address the ever changing issues and threats that affect our network and our customers. This page will be updated to keep our customers informed of any significant changes to our broadband network management practices.

1.) Network Practices: EarthLink Business believes consumers are entitled to and benefit from competition among network providers, application and service providers, and content providers. On EarthLink Business' network, consumers are entitled to run applications and use services of their choice, subject to the needs of law enforcement. EarthLink Business does not favor any lawful Internet applications or content over any other Internet lawful applications or content. EarthLink Business does not block lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices, subject to reasonable network management. EarthLink Business will not impair or degrade particular content, applications, services, or harmless devices so as to render them effectively unusable, subject to reasonable network management. EarthLink Business' customers are entitled to connect to our service via their choice of legal devices that do not harm the network.

EarthLink Business does not unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic over a consumer's broadband Internet access service. EarthLink Business employs generally accepted technical measures to provide acceptable service level to all customers, such as caching and application-neutral bandwidth allocations, as well as measures to address spam, denial of service attacks, illegal content, and other harmful activities. EarthLink Business meets local, state, and federal government requirements, to identify and resolve questionable or illegal activity when asked by an appropriate source. Nothing in this policy supersedes any obligation or authorization EarthLink Business may have to address the needs of emergency communications or law enforcement, public safety, or national security authorities, consistent with or as permitted by applicable law, or limits EarthLink Business' ability to do so. Nothing in this policy prohibits reasonable efforts by a provider of broadband Internet access service to address copyright infringement or other unlawful activity.

EarthLink Business continuously monitors our network with the goal of providing all our customers with full access to all the lawful activities, content, applications and services that the customers seek on the Internet. When we find network congestion that may impact our customers' use of our services, we work to alleviate the congestion by obtaining more capacity to be provided to our customers. In general, EarthLink Business does not place usage limits on its broadband Internet access services. EarthLink Business uses various tools and methods to protect the security of our network and, in turn, our customers. We have implemented several network-based security tools designed to identify and block malicious activity. In addition, we monitor for unusual login, firewall and specific malicious network activity on our network. We may block ports and Internet Protocol addresses and cancel or suspend customer accounts that are used to host malicious websites, send phishers or spam, launch malicious attacks or try to steal customer information. We do not restrict our customers by protocol, application, ports or devices except to protect our network and our customers. In order to maintain the integrity of our network and our security programs, we do not disclose all the specifics of our security tools and methods.

In addition, we offer our customers various security tools for the customers' own use. Information on these tools is available here.

2.) Performance Characteristics: The performance of EarthLink Business' services, including the access speed and latency of such services, differ by product offerings. For information on EarthLink Business broadband Internet access products and services for small businesses please see below or go to

Small Business Services Available Speeds
EarthLink Complete TM with ADSL 384Kbps to 7MB download 128Kbps to 1MB upload
EarthLink Complete TM with Cable 256Kbps to 50MB download 256Kbps to 10M upload

All EarthLink Business broadband Internet access services are developed for a wide range of business needs. As a result, EarthLink Business manages and designs its network in order to provide actual speeds that meet or exceed the target speeds of our services and all product-specific service level agreements. EarthLink checks the speeds of its broadband Internet access services at the time of install at the interface of the customer provided equipment to ensure that the network is functioning at the appropriate speeds. Additionally, EarthLink Business customers may purchase a managed router service that allows the customer to monitor the utilization of speed on certain products. EarthLink Business customers may purchase services such as VoIP and a VPN in conjunction with a small business service. These services do not impact the capacity and performance of our broadband Internet access services unless the services utilize the same access facility. In such case the voice and VPN traffic will offset the bandwidth available for internet access EarthLink Business customers that obtain services on our MPLS network have the ability to prioritize their own traffic on the MPLS networks.

EarthLink Business continually monitors network health and performance. Network latency does not exceed parameters established in respective product Service Agreements entered into between EarthLink Business and its customers. Service Agreements include measurements such as latency, packet loss and jitter. Customers may test their speed through third party websites or EarthLink Business customers may analyze their connection speed and latency at Some issues that impact user perception of performance may be the result of factors beyond the control of EarthLink Business and outside of the EarthLink Business network. These issues can affect the customer experience, and may include factors such as third party website congestion, malicious software, problems with other networks or natural disasters.

3.) Commercial Terms: EarthLink Business products and services are governed by our policies and agreements, including our Privacy Policy and our AUP. Pricing for EarthLink Business products and services vary. Depending on your agreement with EarthLink Business, fees for early termination, additional network services and usage charges may apply. Detailed pricing information may be obtained by contacting EarthLink Business.

To contact EarthLink Business with any questions or concerns about its network management practices or any other issues, please visit our website at

1The One Communications companies are CTC Communications Corp., CTC Communications of Virginia, Inc., Lightship Telecom, LLC, Connecticut Broadband, LLC, Connecticut Telephone and Communication Systems, Inc., Choice One Communications of Connecticut Inc., Choice One Communications of Maine Inc., Choice One Communications of Massachusetts Inc., Choice One Communications of New York Inc., Choice One Communications of Ohio Inc., Choice One Communications or Pennsylvania Inc., Choice One Communications of Rhode Island Inc., Choice One of New Hampshire Inc., Choice One Communications of Vermont Inc., Choice One Communications Resale LLC, Conversent Communications of Connecticut, LLC, Conversent Communications of Maine, LLC, Conversent Communications of Massachusetts, Inc., Conversent Communications of New Hampshire, LLC, Conversent Communications of New Jersey, LLC, Conversent Communications of New York, LLC, Conversent Communications of Pennsylvania, LLC, Conversent Communications of Rhode Island, LLC, Conversent Communications of Vermont, LLC, Conversent Communications Resale, LLC, US Xchange of Illinois, L.L.C., US XChange of Indiana, L.L.C., US Xchange of Michigan, L.L.C., and US Xchange of Wisconsin, L.L.C., all of which do business as EarthLink Business.

2FCC's Internet Policy Statement, Appropriate Framework for Broadband Access to the Internet Over Wireline Facilities, Policy Statement, 20 FCC Rcd. 14986 (adopted August 5, 2005).

3FCC's Open Internet Rules, Preserving the Open Internet, Report and Order, 25 FCC Rcd. 17905 (adopted December 21, 2010 and published in the Federal Register on September 23, 2011, 76 Federal Register 59192).