Pioneering network innovation, from start to finish.

We didn't invent the Internet. But we have been a part of the revolution it created from the start. We're proud to say we may have introduced more people to the transformative power global connectivity and information access delivers than most any other major Internet/network service provider.

Today, in addition to our original base of residential and small business customers, we serve a large number of enterprise businesses. Many of whom rely on us to stay connected to their customers via one of America’s most expansive and reliable IP based private MPLS networks.

It's also essential to note our history dates back to the creation, and ultimate merger, of two of the most influential, pioneering Internet Service Providers (ISPs); MindSpring on the east coast, and EarthLink on the west (both founded in 1994). A merger that represented an important and symbolic way for our combined company to kick off the new millennium.

It should come as no surprise we've remained on the forefront of the industry ever since. Suffice to say, those two original companies, both created to help individual people leverage connectivity and access to information to help truly change the world, are close to $1B industry leader serving 750,000+ unique customers. And importantly, under the EarthLink banner, one of the most trusted and reliable names you can find in this space.