The widest variety of Local Access connections for flexibility and agility.

EarthLink's Local Access services leverage our extensive network and direct connectivity to key providers for greater efficiency and resiliency. Available for many applications, our portfolio of Local Access solutions includes voice, Internet, MPLS, Dynamic/Integrated, Ethernet, and Local Loop Aggregation. Our commitment to superior customer support delivers the rapidly provisioned, high performance access carriers and other wholesale customers require.


Size And Scale Matter

Better buying power, so you benefit from competitive wholesale rates without the development costs.

Variety of Options

Enables you to sell and manage more services.

There to Help Your Grow

Dedicated account management to help support & grow the business.

Local Access services:

Internet Access
Customers needing scalable, high-speed Internet access can purchase bandwidth ranging from 1.5Mbps — 12Mbps via T1/Bonded T1s or 5Mbps — 500Mbps via Ethernet. Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services come with an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing performance and speed, plus preconfigured customer premise equipment (CPE) with professional installation. IP addresses are also included.

Voice PRI
Voice PRI service provides 1.5Mbps of TDM voice and can be used with PRI signaling as needed with FAS, NFAS, or Custom options. It can support both long distance and local phone services with the all standard voice features and options. Voice PRIs are delivered without the need for CPE. Analog Voice is also available with up to 24 channels, plus free features and CPE.

Securely link your customers’ host and remote locations using our carrier-class MPLS VPN. We support six levels of Class-of-Service (CoS), provide industry-leading SLAs, deploy premium router equipment and assign top-tier project management.

Integrated Voice and Data
EarthLink Carrier offers integrated voice and data solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you prefer dynamic or channelized delivery for your integrated lines, trunks or PRIs, we can help. Integrated access services provide a host of reliable telephone service options, from 1.5 — 12Mbps via T1/Bonded T1 or 5Mbps — 500Mbps via Ethernet, for high-speed Internet including PRI, line side service and trunks. When voice lines are not in use on T1s, dynamic bandwidth is available for Internet access and data applications, offering more efficient bandwidth use and improved productivity.


  • Dedicated 1.5Mbps — 500Mbps Internet access
  • TDM or Ethernet handoff
  • Flexible bandwidth commitment rates
  • Efficient integration with PRI voice services
  • EarthLink or customer provided equipment options
  • User-friendly online pricing and availability tools

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