Turn up the volume on your voice offering at highly affordable rates.

With our SIP Origination service, regional voice or enhanced service providers may provide Origination services to areas of the country that were previously too costly. The service hands ILEC/IXC originated voice traffic to our carrier customers for termination to their end users (the called party). Calls are originated via TDM, transported to an EarthLink SIP Hub, converted to SIP and handed to the carrier customer via a dedicated IP connection, or through the Internet, to anywhere in the world.


We Have You Covered

Service to areas that can be too costly with other providers.

Rapid Expansion

Count on EarthLink to help you scale quickly and cost effectively.

Easy To Deploy

Simple to deploy and manage with carrier grade support all the way.


  • G.711u and G.729AB codecs supported
  • DTMF: negotiated RFC2833 and In-band supported
  • Simple per market, per concurrent call MRC/NRC price structure
  • Concurrent calls can be shared across multiple markets
  • Routing options available — load balance, hierarchical or market-specific
  • Hub and spoke configuration

SIP Origination Resources