Delivering voice services with nationwide termination at highly competitive rates.

EarthLink Carrier's Voice Termination service provides termination of nationwide 1+ domestic traffic for facilities-based carriers. The carrier originates and aggregates traffic on their network, then hands the traffic off to an EarthLink Carrier Voice Term hub through a SIP or TDM handoff.


Superior Voice Quality

Carrier grade voice quality you can count on.

Reliable Connections

Superbly reliable so you can set it and forget it.

Optimized To Perform

A network optimized for both performance and cost-efficiency.


  • On Net Carrier Termination delivers EarthLink's highest quality domestic long distance termination. It uses direct ILEC connectivity to provide the highest voice quality available and guards against direct and indirect looping.
  • Premier Carrier Termination uses EarthLink's highest-quality vendors to terminate domestic long distance traffic. This product offers a high ASR % and lowest average, post-dial delay, and protects against direct and indirect looping.
  • Preferred Carrier Termination optimizes both price and quality routes for domestic long distance call termination. This product uses a suite of quality vendors and offers our most extensive route depths, while guarding against direct and indirect looping.

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