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Increasing demand for bandwidth and dependence on the cloud requires a new kind of network thinking. Now you can take the guesswork out of network capacity planning and design. With an understanding of the choices available, IT leaders can design flexible, optimized wide area networks that balance cost and performance in order to deliver the superior performance and reliability needed to fuel innovation and growth.

For many IT leaders, this presents a challenge; in fact, 85% of IT managers report network quality and reliability are ongoing problems. But how do you design a network to best serve your organization’s varying requirements for each location today, and for tomorrow?

EarthLink's white paper The Right Choice: Enterprises Enjoy Array of Options for Wide Area Networks explains the key considerations for network design—so you can maximize benefits from an array of available WAN options. You’ll gain an understanding of:

  • How MPLS, IPsec VPN, Hybrid WAN and Cloud connectivity options compare in terms of scalability, availability, quality of service and security
  • What you should consider for setup of SLAs, class of service (CoS) and security
  • How to meet unique location requirements while managing cost

A decade ago, you had limited choices. Today, you have a wealth of network options. This guide for network decision-makers can help you strike the right balance among them all to create the optimal solution for your business and cloud networking needs.

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