Frost & Sullivan investigates cloud transformation and its dependence on the network

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The WAN plays a critical role in moving toward a cloud-centric IT environment. A hybrid IT environment will only work if the networks connecting the different pieces are reliable and meet application performance requirements. High performance WANs are critical as enterprises are increasingly placing a huge focus on cloud connectivity.

Hear real-world insights on how moving toward smart network technologies like SD-WAN and cloud connectivity solutions can support cloud computing strategy to better serve your needs and your customer experience.

The Role of High Performance WAN on Enterprise Cloud Transformation, a new white paper by Frost & Sullivan, outlines how to:

  • Improve business agility and accommodate trends like big data
  • Use hybrid networking and SD-WAN
  • Meet the need for increasing application performance visibility and management
  • Optimize WAN services in a cloud-centric IT environment
  • Understand the options available for high performance WAN solutions

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