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Customer story: Jenny Craig

"Our networks shouldn't be something we have to think about. We rely on EarthLink for that. EarthLink as a company truly understands who we are, understands the retail vertical, but is also one that truly values partnership."
Abe Lietz, CIO

Hosted Voice Analog System

Moving voice to the cloud does not have to be expensive. Many cloud-based voice systems require you to replace all your legacy analog equipment with new IP devices. But EarthLink Hosted Voice allows you to use the phones and fax machines you already have.

Customer story: Genesco

"We're focusing a lot on omnichannel, and making sure the customer experience is seamless...Our store experience is paramount. The store is still 'the brand'."
Rik Reitmaier - VP of Technology

Hybrid Networking

With a Hybrid Network, you don't have to force-fit your diverse requirements into a single network design, and you can lay the foundation for an SD-WAN.

Optimize Your Business and Cloud Network

Take the guesswork out of network capacity planning and design and obtain deep application visibility and control to maximize bandwidth utilization.

Franchise Solutions

In a newly connected era of technology conveniences, there are also unprecedented security risks. EarthLink offers a comprehensive Franchise Program. Protecting your brand has never been easier.

Customer story: Charming Charlie

"EarthLink has a point-of-view in the retail space that has enabled us to sustain growth, have a stable platform and provide world class service to our customers."
Jamie Jamieson - Sr. Director of IT

Hosted Voice Benefit #1 - Increase Revenue

75% of people who call your business will not call back if they don’t get a quick response. What does that mean for you in terms of lost revenue?

Hosted Voice Benefit #2: Stay Connected

EarthLink Hosted Voice provides an easy-to-use online portal and mobile application. Give your employees the flexibility to manage how they make and receive calls, using desktop phones, mobile devices, and PCs interchangeably.

Customer story: Dunn-Edwards Paints and EarthLink SD-WAN

"The Concierge experience we've had with EarthLink has worked out really well... As a mid-sized company with a small staff, I've been able to implement SD-WAN much faster than much larger companies trying to do the same thing"
Pete Garcia, manager of infrastructure services.

HCC: Improve Customer Experience

With EarthLink Hosted Contact Center, you can seamlessly manage customer contacts across multiple channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media. So you can quickly route customers for faster resolution and greater satisfaction.

HCC: Boost Staff Effectiveness

92% of customers form opinions of your company based on interaction with your contact center – so your staff needs the right information, plus the tools and training to use it.





Why Your Network Provider Should be Your Network Partner

With the pace of change in networks and the critical importance of the CX, you need more than just a Network Service Provider. You need a Network Service Partner. Watch this video to see what several EarthLink customers say in this regard.

What's Holding Your Apps Back: The Top 5 Performance Culprits

Customers and end users demand applications and experiences that are fast and reliable. If they're not, you can bet IT will hear about. Learn about the top 5 challenges to enterprise app performance, so you can prepare a plan to help you avoid them.

5 Signs It's Time to Outsource Supplement Your IT Resources

Is your IT organization struggling to keep up with business needs? There are 5 telltale signs they're not, or that they'll soon come up short. Learn now so you'll know when it might be time to supplement your IT resources with a skilled MSP.