Now more than ever, IT leaders are under extraordinary pressure.

Organizations are looking to IT to develop applications and solutions to improve the customer experience and drive competitive innovation. EarthLink can help you rise to the challenge, freeing up resources so you can reallocate them to the true priorities of your business. With EarthLink, you can maximize the performance and security of your network, cloud and business applications, improve customer service and capture actionable business intelligence, and shift your internal focus to innovation and growth without giving up control.


Percent of IT budgets earmarked simply to keep the data center operational

Gartner: 2014 Strategic Road Map to the Intelligent Data Center, April 2014

205 Days

The estimated time between a breach and detection

Data Compromise: Rapid Detection is Key, Transmission and Distribution World, 2015

3% to 4% OF IT BUDGETS

Percent allocated to innovation

Source: 2014 Strategic Road Map to the Intelligent Data Center, Gartner, April 2014

Do you face these challenges? EarthLink can help.



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