Cloud based contact center technology is growing fast. And no wonder; when customers connect the way they prefer, engagement increases. And so does business. EarthLink’s Hosted Contact Center provides flexibility, functionality and insight to provide that kind of service. Whether they enter via web, phone, or social, you can route customers to the right place to get the answers they need and increase customer experience exponentially. CRM and IVR integration help everyone get answers faster.

VIDEO: Voice Services

Benefit #1: Improve Customer Experience

With EarthLink Hosted Contact Center, you can seamlessly manage customer contacts across multiple channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media. So you can quickly route customers for faster resolution and greater satisfaction.

VIDEO: Voice Services

Benefit #2: Boost Staff Effectiveness

92% of customers form opinions of your company based on interaction with your contact center – so your staff needs the right information, plus the tools and training to use it.



Zero capital investment, reduced management burden and network redundancy offering a 99.999% SLA and voice quality of 4.0 MOS.


Give your customers the choice to contact you by email, chat, web, phone or social, and make sure the contact gets quickly to the right person.


Empowered contact center reps are your most effective reps. And reduced wait times translate to increased customer satisfaction.


Skill based routing across all locations for business continuity. Multiple offices can operate seamlessly for tremendous economies of scale while delivering consistent service across all locations.

Hold calls or stack interactions based on the order they came in or based on priority of caller.

Metrics to help determine staff size by the time of day and skills queue. Measure contact center support staff performance and get reporting for executive review and budgeting.

For quality assurance, improved training methods, and protecting the business from litigation and "he said-she said" disputes.

CRM Integration
Provides information to staff about the customer to better assist with support or answering questions.

IVR Functionality
Enables callers to route themselves to the appropriate person using speech recognition or touchtone for faster service.

Industry Standards
PCI and HIPAA compliant service.

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