Get a better connection to customers, productivity and savings with Hosted Voice.

Despite changes in how people connect, your business phone system is still critical, and for more than facilitating conversations. It's a conduit to customers, employee efficiency and mobility, and reduced cost. But outdated technology can hold everything back. EarthLink's Hosted Voice is a fully-managed, flexible, cloud based VoIP solution that grows with you and supports unified communications without the capital expense of a premises-based PBX. It also provides built-in continuity and obsolescence protection.

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Analog Service

Moving voice to the cloud does not have to be expensive. Many cloud-based voice systems require you to replace all your legacy analog equipment with new IP devices. But EarthLink Hosted Voice allows you to use the phones and fax machines you already have.

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Stay Connected

EarthLink Hosted Voice provides an easy-to-use online portal and mobile application. These tools give your employees the flexibility to manage how they make and receive calls, using desktop phones, mobile devices, and PCs interchangeably.



Get enterprise UC features without complexity or expense. While our simple web-based tool lets you manage and customization the system.


Increased visibility means you'll be sure you’re not missing opportunities to generate revenue and wow customers.


Power employees anytime/anywhere/ on any device. Transfer calls between devices, for seamless mobility without interruption.


Unlimited Local, Long Distance and Toll Free
Site to site calling and all other calls within the United States for every user and inbound domestic US Toll Free.

Find Me/Follow Me
Route calls from one number to multiple numbers – never miss calls again from customers, suppliers, or prospects.

Anywhere Office with Mobile Communicator
Make or receive calls from a desk phone, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Look up contacts, view their status, and communicate with instant messaging. Send and receive voice calls with instant messages with colleagues, on any device, anywhere.

User Communications Portal
Employees can manage calls and listen to voicemail through an online web portal, as well as make calls, see a list of callers and call duration, and call routing options.

Support for Analog Phones and Fax
Moving voice to the cloud doesn't have to be expensive. You can start slowly, using analog adapters with your existing legacy phones and fax machines. You get all the benefits of an IP voice solution, but you don't need to buy new IP phones until you're ready. You can even use the Internet connection you already have, eliminating the need for local provider phone lines, dramatically decreasing operating expenses and simplifying management. Integration
Connect your voice system to your database to simplify and speed sales and support call handling, boost productivity and improve the customer experience.

Real-time Call Data
See logs of missed, received, and placed calls for easy reference or single button dial back.

Hosted Contact Center
Add a fully integrated Hosted Contact Center to further improve the customer experience.

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