Get more bandwidth and improved productivity.

Generate value by combining voice and data into one connection. In addition to saving money, you can dynamically shift voice bandwidth to make it available for data use. EarthLink's Business Line Service provides flexible transfer of traffic, while our PRI Voice Services replace traditional POTS lines or DID/DOD trunk groups, eliminating individual line fees by connecting telephone numbers to dedicated voice channels, and enabling you to package PRI voice with an additional TI or Ethernet data line for Internet or MPLS service.



From DSL to T1 to Ethernet, deliver connectivity for both voice and data applications over a single connection.


Unlimited local and up to 1,500 long distance minutes and 1 toll free number included with your product bundle.


Call Hold, Forward, Park/Pickup, Transfer, and Caller ID provide call screening, alerting, identification and call hunting.


Business Lines
Provide voice features such as call holding, forwarding, park/pickup, transfer and caller ID.

Local and long distance calling
Unlimited local and up to 1,500 long distance minutes and one toll free number included with the product bundle.

T1 or Ethernet-based business class IP connection delivering a full 23B+D and Internet service.

Optional features
Business continuity via call routing features, voicemail, fax-to-email, auto attendant and mobile voice services.

Flexible port speeds
Connectivity for both voice and data applications over a single connection whether DSL, T1 or Ethernet.

Includes additional services
Local phone service, one toll free number, one voicemail box, dynamic Internet, email accounts, static IP, long distance bundle, free calls between sites, basic managed router.

Hosted Contact Center
Add a fully integrated Hosted Contact Center to allow customers to connect with your business by email, chat, web, phone or social media.

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