Want to grow your business without investing in dedicated voice connections at every location? SIP Trunking is the answer, offering an ideal way to use your existing IP PBX to take advantage of the latest VoIP technologies. Using data lines to pass both voice and data, using your existing Cisco, Avaya, NEC or Mitel equipment. This eliminates the need for dedicated voice connections by allowing all traffic to tap into a central site, and makes calls between locations free.



Save money by eliminating the need for dedicated voice connections at each location. Supports existing IP PBXs by Cisco, Avaya, NEC, Mitel, etc.


Add capacity easily without capital investment. Upgrade bandwidth up to 100 MB. Load balancing allows a single trunk group to be shared by multiple PBXs.


When not in use, dynamically shift trunk bandwidth to Internet access and data applications for improved organizational productivity.

Auto Reroute
Auto Reroute automatically routes calls to any 10 digit number in the event that the primary business location is unable to accept calls.

Load Balancing
Provides the ability for a single trunk group to be shared by multiple PBXs providing enhanced flexibility.

SIP Failover
SIP Trunking physical layer failover automatically reroutes to a secondary connection if the primary is unresponsive providing an instantaneous recovery solution.

Hosted Contact Center
Add a fully integrated Hosted Contact Center to further improve the customer experience.

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