UCaaS for Small Business – Become more flexible, efficient and secure.

Despite changes in how people connect, your business phone system is still more critical than ever. Today, it does far more than facilitate conversations. It's a conduit to customers, employee efficiency and mobility, and reducing costs. But outdated technology can hold everything back.

Windstream Unified Communications service (UCaaS) lets you create a flexible, collaborative Mobile Office environment supporting all employees regardless of location. It’s a fully-managed, flexible, cloud-based VoIP solution that grows with you and supports your business without the capital expense of owning and maintaining premise-based equipment. It also provides built-in continuity and obsolescence protection. Windstream's UCaaS helps overcome communication barriers in your small business.



Collaborate and share knowledge though an integrated audio, video and web conferencing for faster decision making.


Quickly unite people with simple to use collaboration and communications tools for a seamless experience from any location or device.


Power employees anytime/anywhere/on any device. Transfer calls between devices, for seamless mobility without interruption.


Unified Communications

Integrated Voice and Collaboration services

Mobile Office integration with smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs

Connectivity flexibility – SD-WAN, MPLS, Internet, BYOB

Fully managed to reduce the burden on your IT staff

Integrated with Hosted Contact Center services

Analog voice - keep your phones – get cloud services

Unlimited LD for telephony

Unlimited usage on audio, video & web conferencing

Windstream Meeting Room - Collaborate with colleagues via audio, video and web conferencing from any desktop or mobile device from any location

Unified Communications & Meeting Room Benefits

Unite people and locations with powerful collaboration and communications tools for a seamless experience regardless of location or device.

Increase Efficiency: Integrated with MS outlook and Mobile Communicator for simplified meeting scheduling and inviting contacts.

Increase Productivity: Collaborate with colleagues via audio, video and web conferencing from any Mobile Communicator enabled desktop or mobile device from any location.

Knowledge sharing of video, web pages & documents and chat during meetings. Easy to record for reference and sharing.

Collaborate instantaneously - convert a chat session or voice call to a meeting with a single click and instantly invite others via IM or email.

Reduce costs: Cloud-based – no capex/maintenance or upgrades to hardware/software – Eliminate separate systems with same functions.

Audio conferencing allows multiple callers to join in a conversation by dialing into an audio conferencing bridge.

Web conferencing entails sharing of documents or content over the Internet, with an accompanying audio call.

Video conferencing occurs between two or more participants via a video and audio conferencing bridge.


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